Women’s Designer Apparel Event: Nordstrom Rack

Good morning fashionistas!!

Today is a great day for our designer’s deals lovers. Nordstrom Rack Downtown San Francisco holds a designer event. Presale starts on Tuesday 25ft – Wednesday 26th 10 am. Official date Thursday 27th. Don’t miss it!

See you there.

Nordstrom Rack





Gifts ideas under $25: last minute Christmas shopping

Hello Readers,

It’s been a while since my last post but I hope by writing this one, it will be useful for you: last minute shoppers.

I have been invited to a Christmas dinner at the last minute. We will be about 12 people and I wanted to get something cute, fun, special for everyone. But when you have a small budget, shopping can be a pain. I wrote down my list of folks and think about each person, their origins, their favorite colors, styles, habits…

When you think ahead, I think customized/monogrammed gifts are great and make them really special. But here is what you can get on the 24th AM. ENJOY!

gifts under $25


1. Limited Edition Golden Mongram Mug – $10

In stores, there are pretty much sold out, you might get lucky though and find the initial you want! The regular mugs are at $8.

2. Mini Capri Blue Candle – $12 Need some fresh, fruity, floral scents at home? Pick a candle. There is a large selection at Anthropologie, different scents, sizes, prices, packages, prints… A candle makes a nice deco piece in a room.

3. Monogrammed Filigree Keychain – $18 A solo key hanging out there, always looking for your keys, never can find them? Add a personal touch with your initial, some colors, noise and a cute tassel.

4. Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection Mini Eau De Parfum – $18 Perfume can be hard to choose for someone else but these mini bottles and scents are great. The packaging is vintage.

I got the English Rose for a grandmother from the UK, I don’t think I can go wrong with it!

5. Notebooks – a notebook is always nice for these workers always taking notes, or bloggers, creative person… I love the one from Moleskine, it’s great quality and price point. But you can find them everywhere even if you go at TJ Maxx, Marshalls… J.Crew got some cute ones too. But lately I have discovered the May Designs brand, it’s completely customized. The one I have created in the picture is at $19 – Shipping cost at $6.

6. Happy Socks – for her or for him! – $19 for the cute box of 3 to 4 pairs of socks at Nordstrom Rack, or also I found some at TJ Maxx. But at Nordstrom Rack, there is a lot of stock and a better selection. I used to wear boring plain black socks but my sweet stylish love has a drawer full of fun, colorful socks from Happy Socks, J. Crew… And as a stylish men, he loves to match them with his sweaters/shirts. So do I. I believe that everyone should be the owner of a pair of Happy Socks.

I love some of them from Gap and J. Crew.

7. Chocolates – Kisman ‘Felicidad’ Navidad Gift Box, 12 milk chocolate bars TCHO – $16.95. You have no idea of what to buy? Or you barely know the person? Chocolates are always a good options. As I’m not a huge fan of Ghirardelli or See Candie’s, I have chosen for this new brand TCHO and I love their fun, colorful packagings.

8. Unicorn Shaped Jewelry Holder – Forever 21 – $8.8

I love this little cute idea, I got two myself this year from Jonathan Adler and J. Crew. I left one at work and brought one at home. I got one at Anthropologie with the Big Ben in the middle because my friend loves London. You can put your jewelry, or even your keys, coins, can use it as a soap dish etc…

9. Aster Frame 5×7 – Crate & Barrel – $24.95

This ribbed sunburst of antiqued brass aluminum lets family, friends, pets portraits shine in your home or in your office!

If you go to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, you will even find great cheaper frames. These stores always have some treasures waiting for you.



Mix high-end & low-end styles

You probably understood I love fashion when it rhymes with bargains!

But I can’t pass on these high-end styles brands because I do believe it makes your outfit looks like a million bucks. Especially with shoes and handbags. If there is something I’ll spend more money is on these two categories.

Then everybody is able to find a great skinny jean, trendy blouse, blazer, sweater, tees, dress with low-end brands like H&M, Forever 21, Target or mid-end brands like Zara, J. Crew/Factory, Banana Republic, Club Monaco (ladies, always go on sales for these brands, when I know the margin they take, it’s not allowed for the sake of our wallet to buy at full prices).

The question is: where to find high-end styles at reasonable price?

  • Jeremy’s stores: San Francisco: Two South Park and Berkeley: 2967 College Avenue – their merchandise is coming from department stores, items that have been used in advertisements and window displays. Other items they receive are damages and customer returns.
    They also get merchandise from clothing designers who sell their production, sale samples and past season’s stocks.
  • Crossroads: it’s a buy-sell-trade store. I love it, it’s so cheap and I always find something that will give a “wowww”. You need to be patient and look everywhere, on the aisles, etc… There are many stores but my fav ones are on Fillmore & Market St.
  • Seek online when you have a designer piece in mind like Ebay, Threadflip, Poshmark… Trust me, you get amazing deals there! I will write more details about these 2 companies in a different post :Apps/Services…

Look what I’ve got for $130 on POSHMARK: the seller was allowing Bundle Discount meaning that if I was buying more than one item from her, I was able to negotiate the price.

But let me tell you the full story of this purchase, I went to the 7 for All Mankind outlet store few months ago in Gilroy and I was trying jeans on but I wanted to try them with high heels (as I was wearing my running shoes) so my Love grabbed me a random pair of heels but too big for me. And I became obsessed with them, they didn’t have my size in store. So I went online to find them and the winner was POSHMARK I found them totally BRAND NEW along with a skinny snake print jean I wanted last winter.

The original price of the jean was around $200 and for the shoes $225. I’ll let you make the calculation on how much I have saved!


  • Nordstrom Rack, I can get lost and go crazy in the Palo Alto store ;). I got the cutest camel bag from Vince Camuto there – pix will come!

Going to get anything from any of these mentionned stores? I’d love to see what you’ve got! Do not hesitate to share it with me, get a selfie pic on Instagram and tag me @marjosf.

I hope you are enjoying these tips. Xoxo

Sign up for newsletters & get Coupon Sherpa app

One of my advice to be aware of the promotion of your favorite brands is to sign up for the e-mails. You’re the first ones to know about sales so you can get better deals.

I know it can be annoying to receive emails everyday so I’ll suggest to create a special account for the newsletters. This way, you can only look into this email box when you are looking for something and not be tempting by the everyday “attractive” deals.


Gap newletters



I have also just discovered this application recently called Coupon Sherpa available in the Itunes store for free. This app got hundreds of in-store coupons for your fave retailers and restaurants. You just have to present the coupon from your phone and the cashier will scan it.


Happy Shopping!