About Me

marjorie verschueren


Hello Folks,

Welcome on my blog dedicated on fashion and beauty with a main focus on great deals, new trends I have tested, fashion services/apps feedback, several of my tips I’d like to share.  If you are like me, loving wearable fashion (I promise you won’t look like a clown) but don’t want to spend your whole paycheck, you’ll enjoy to follow this blog.

I have moved to San Francisco from France and I’m totally in love of my new city. I want to share my discoveries of gems spots. I work in the retail/fashion industry and everyday I’m getting inspiration through my co-workers, the people I meet so you’ll probably find some of my muses here, they have such a great style and tips to share too!

One of the main reason I wanted to start this blog is because I often get compliments about what I wear and people always ask me where I found this and this… so I’ve decided to share my tips in this blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing.

Oh and who said shopping wasn’t a hobby? 😉

Here are all my tips so enjoy and share your feedback!!!!

You want to know a bit more about my professional experience? Here you go.



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