Go back to Basic and be eco-friendly

There are for sure some basic, casual pieces we can’t miss in our wardrobe. We will wear them seasons after seasons. You might think it’s easy to get them at a cheap price and it’s true. But while you will spend $15 every season to renew your basic, you might spend $60 after 4 seasons for a basic tee shirt.

For some casual pieces, I believe we should invest a little bit more first to last longer. And I can’t pass talking about this brand I have discovered few months ago when I first moved to San Francisco.

It’s called Marine Layer, there are 3 stores in the Bay Area: Marina, Hayes Valley & the most recent store opened in Burlingame. It’s purely made in San Francisco!

The founder and his products have a really interesting story:

“The day his girlfriend threw away his favorite shirt, Mike started working on Marine Layer…that was perfectly soft and great fitting right out of the gates. It took a couple of big credit card bills and over a year of development to make the first run of shirts, but they were worth the wait. Mike set up “shop” in his living room in San Francisco and sold the first hundred shirts in just a few weeks.
Every step of the production process happens in California. This minimizes the environmental footprint and supports three American factories that have been in business for over 25 years. The custom fabric is a blend of two yarns, Pima Cotton and MicroModal, produced by Lensiz AG. Modal is a bio-based fabric that comes from recycled Beech Wood”marine layer teeMy favorie basic: the tri blend V-neck tee in grey, $35

Visit their website: http://www.marinelayer.com/

I love to pair this tee with the Midnight Bloom or Painted Zebra scarves from Stella & Dot.


You like the scarves like me? Get them for FREE, contact me @ maverschueren@gmail.com to host a trunk show, get your friends together and receive free jewelry and accessories.

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